Would You Like a Website Built For You?

So, you’ve decided you would like a website – maybe for your business, an online shop or perhaps a personal blog?

And perhaps you find the thought of building your own website daunting?

Once you’ve mastered the technology then there’s the branding, strategy and optimisation to consider.

And what about functionality? And that’s all before you even start thinking about the site structure and architecture, visitor journey, design, sales funnels, lead capture, primary call to action, conversions and a way of measuring to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Yes…it is daunting…unless of course, you have been designing and developing websites since 2005.

This is where we can help you.

Your first step towards having your website built for you is to call us.

No pushy sales people, just someone you can talk to about the challenges you are facing with your website and who will advise and guide you towards having a highly effective website.

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Some kind words from clients:

"So Professional"

“The growth of my company has a lot to do with Mears Websites and I will never forget that. To this date, people still comment on how good my website is. This company is so professional in what it does and how it deals with people.”

Shah | June 2018

"Great Service"

“Great service from Mears Websites. Always there to answer any questions that I had. The platform enabled me to customise the front end of the website to a tee. Fast, thorough and trustworthy.”

Amy | May 2018

"Highly Recommended!"

“My website is exactly the way I wanted it! It’s great that I can make updates and changes to my website as and when I want to so the website can grow as my business does. Great website and excellent service – highly recommended!”

Jessica | April 2018

"Honest, Reliable, Helpful"

“I can highly recommend Mears Websites: my website quickly achieved a 1st page position with Google and ever since I’ve received great enquiries. An honest, reliable, helpful company.”

Paul | September 2017

Here is a small selection of the websites we have built:

Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the trustfinancialsolutions.co.uk WordPress Website
Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the dubbleduck.com WordPress E-Commerce Website
Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the yelotaxi.co.uk Website
Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the hare-and-hounds.com Website
Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the Essex and Suffolk Football League esblfootball.com WordPress Website
Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the JW Electrics jwelectrics.co.uk WordPress Website
Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the themonsterfactory.com WordPress E-Commerce Website
Mears Websites in Braintree Essex. Creators of the emmabryant.co.uk Website

Call Us on 01376 494 456

If we build your website for you…

Built with unrestricted WordPress

By this, we mean that if you want to, you can add plugins, pages and themes and add features such as Google Adsense without suddenly finding that you need to ‘pay extra to be able to use that feature’.

(WordPress is the world’s most popular platform…26 million websites can’t be wrong, right?)

Also, we build using one of the greatest WordPress themes ever created (in our humble opinion) or if you need a specific type of website (e.g. a recruitment website) we can suggest themes that have been specifically created for that purpose.

Our only stipulation is that your website must not contain offensive or sexually explicit images or content that is against the law of any country.

Completely under your control and ownership

If we had a penny for every time a client comes to us having found that they don’t own or have control over their existing website…well…we’d have lots of pennies!

You will be able to log in and make changes and updates to your website as and when you’d like to. You will also be given a hosting control panel through which you can easily make backups of your website and database.

You can use the backups to move your website to an alternative provider if you would like to.

We like to give our clients the freedom to leave so they feel confident about staying.

An easy to use builder, making updates easy for you

The WordPress theme we use is one of the most popular themes available which clients love as it makes updating and developing their websites easy.

Mobile device friendly

Yes, the magic of WordPress and the theme we use, your website will automatically re-format itself when viewed on a mobile device.

There must be wizards at work.

Google/Search engine friendly

Google loves WordPress. No, it really loves WordPress.

We’ve seen WordPress websites appear in Google searches within 24 hours of going live!

Bing and Yahoo! do too.

So, what do you think?

Would you like us to build your website for you?

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