Is your website under-performing?

Do you have a clearly defined strategy and call-to-actions?

Does your content resonate with your target audience?

Is your website optimised and mobile friendly?

Do you think you need help from a professional web developer?

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Perhaps not a term you were expecting? Before a web developer dives into changing the content of your website, we believe important housekeeping should be carried out. Ask yourself the following:

Is your domain name registered in your name?
We like to use the tool to find out – you can too (it’s not pretty, but the information is great!)

Do you have backups of your website, and if applicable, your website database?
If not, do you have access to a hosting control panel through which backups can be made? (Or have the backup features been disabled?)

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Can you login to your website?
If your website is built on a Content Management System such as WordPress, do you have Administrator login details?

We believe that every website owner should have complete control over their domain and website, the comfort of knowing that if the worst should happen that there are current backups and the freedom to be able to move to another provider without being held to ransom.

Do you have complete control over your domain and website? A good web developer will make sure you have before starting to develop you website.

We give our clients everything they need to be able to leave but treat them so well, they want to stay

Our Aim

From an initial assessment resulting in a report containing observations, questions and recommendations we create a plan of action to fit your timescales and budget.

We evaluate the content and recommend areas for improvement and then with your agreement, we start developing your website.

Our aim is for your website to perform, contain great content and look great with the objective of attracting new customers to you and your business.

We love it when clients contact us to let us know they’ve received new enquiries from their website.

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We’ve recently received new enquiries of our own from this website – it’s a great feeling! (One enquiry was to re-build a 300-page website, another was for website hosting and content management). A client with a new website we had created contacted us to say they’d just won a new client, their biggest to date, from an enquiry through their new website.

We also love being able to show clients the improvements we have made and explain why we made them. Does your current web developer help you understand the changes they are making and the reasons for doing so?

If you are looking for a web developer to help you improve your website and someone who wants you to succeed, contact us.

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