Audio Transcription Service

What is Transcription?

With your video in mind, a transcription is the written version of the words spoken by you and/or the people in your video. To satisfy the purists out there, transcription can also mean an arrangement of a piece of music for a different instrument, voice, or group of these.

How can you and your viewers benefit from video transcription?

It’s important to remember that whilst some of us find videos a great way to learn, especially when a skill such as learning a musical instrument is involved, there are also many people that find reading a better way to learn.

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Accuracy is Key

You’ve spent time creating a quality video, you’ve deliberated over the wording, the delivery, the key messages and then no doubt spent additional time editing it all together; your valuable time that has resulted in a video you’re proud of.

It’s important that same level of care and attention to detail is taken over your video transcription; this is where in the competition of human versus software, human wins. Knowing that your video transcription is being created by an experienced transcriber, who has excellent attention to detail and exceptional knowledge of English language is your assurance of accuracy combined with common sense; sometimes the way we speak on video does not translate as well into the written word. And also there may be an occasion when a narrative is delivered quickly on a video, which software would make a ‘best guess’ at, whereas an experienced human transcriber can figure out the intended message.

Accurate, Intelligent Audio Transcription Service in the UK

Other benefits of audio transcription

In addition to providing an alternative method for people to enjoy your video content, there are other ways you can benefit from video audio transcription:

  • If for some reason your video doesn’t play, people can still discover the content and messages you wanted to deliver
  • There are methods of using your video transcription to improve your website SEO
  • Approaches can be used to use your video transcription to engage with existing or new customers/clients
  • Your video transcription can be used to enhance your overall online presence
  • You can spread your message further and help/benefit more people

How Can Mears Websites Help You with Video Audio Transcription?

We provide a Video Audio Transcription service but in addition, we provide you with recommendations and methods as to how you can use your transcript and get the most out of it. Your video transcription will be created by an expert, experienced typist in the UK whose first language is English.

We like to keep things simple:

    • You send us your video or link to your video or video file
    • We confirm how much it will cost for us to transcribe it for you (single-voice transcription prices are below)
    • You confirm that you’d like to proceed and send your payment
    • We then create your video transcription for you and provide you with recommendations for using it

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Minimum charge: £24.50

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“Many hours saved and a significant boost to my SEO”

I run a weekly business podcast that is central to my outreach programme and business growth. I was looking for a company I could trust to handle the transcription that would form part of my show notes.

Transcriptions are key if you want to boost your website SEO and grow your audience, and there was no way I was going to be able to find time to do them myself.

Mears Websites delivered the transcription to my inbox much sooner than expected. Everything was fast, the quality was spot on and I even received recommendations for maximising the use of my transcript to enhance my overall online presence as well as on my website.

The cost of my time had I done the work myself would have been over £400! If you have a similar project don’t hesitate, contact Mears Websites. I highly recommend them.

Clive Maloney, Business Coach |

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Video Audio Transcription – Example:

“Hello, I’m David Mears, founder of Mears Websites.

My videographer the other day asked me a very good question, and that is “what are the benefits of having a video transcribed?”.  And this doesn’t just apply to video, it can also apply to podcasts and any audio recording that you may have created.

A lot of people will have created a fantastic video, perhaps an interview or a “how to”, then post it on the appropriate video platform such as Youtube or Vimeo and leave it at that.  But you are then missing the opportunity to, what we call, “leverage” that material.  If you have a transcription of your audio, whether it be a video or podcast, you can then use that across your website and social media platforms to get more from it.

What we offer at Mears Websites is a transcription service, but we also provide you with recommendations as to how you could use that final transcription to benefit your website in terms of SEO, engage with your existing or potentially new customers and clients and also add more depth to your video platform, such as YouTube.

Some people like to watch a video, some people learn more effectively by reading.

So there are lots of benefits, but if you would like to know more please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your video podcast or your audio transcriptions.”