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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing encompasses a variety of approaches used for online promotion; having a mobile friendly, search engine friendly, user friendly, professionally built website should be considered as your starting point.

You’re probably already applying Digital Marketing techniques; perhaps you have created a Facebook Business page? A Twitter Account? A LinkedIn page maybe? And you’re now regularly creating quality posts about your products and services with call-to-actions and links back to your website?

Any method you use to promote your business online can be considered as Digital Marketing

Like many business owners, especially start-ups and micro-businesses, you may have already found that you can very quickly enter the ‘realms of the unknown’ – the point where posting on social media profiles in your spare time is not proving to be enough to encourage potential customers or clients to your website.

The array of options available to you, and knowing which to learn about and use can be daunting…and costly if incorrectly applied.

You may have read or been told about ‘the latest, bestest (yes, it’s a word…maybe) Digital Marketing approach’ that you could be using, but the learning curve combined with uncertainty and required technical ability may cause you to feel nervous and put you off of trying them, even though some could greatly benefit you/your business.

And then there’s time; the one thing every business owner wishes they had more of, and the one thing that can so easily be consumed by Digital Marketing. When was the last time you posted on social media or created new content on your website?

Having out of date content can sometimes be as damaging as having none at all!

Our clients use Mears Websites because they know they can rely on us to have the technical ability and understanding to apply the latest Digital Marketing approaches. We know what works, but moreover, because it’s our profession, we have the time.

We’re also transparent; with Mears Websites there’s no smoke and mirrors, you won’t be left wondering what is being done, how much it’s going to cost you or what the results are. We work with you to find out work works for you so that we can then develop effective strategies, enabling you to relax knowing that your business is using and capitalising on Digital Marketing.

If you would like help with your Digital Marketing and the online promotion of your website, products and services – contact Mears Websites using the form below or call 01376 494 456 (we’re based in Braintree in Essex, UK).

We’ll be happy to help you.

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