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Well, hello there ūüôā we’re happy you’re here – did you find us by searching for content writing services?

You’ll no doubt be unsurprised¬†to learn that it is no¬†accident that Google lists this page in its search engine results (that’ll be the on-page SEO…more on that below).

Content writing for websites, in our humble opinion, should be a combination of factors:

  • Eloquence
  • Spellling¬†(#IronyIntended)
  • Correct Grammar
  • SEO
  • Consistent tone-of-voice
  • If not out of context, a modicum of humour and personality

We believe that content needs to achieve four things:

  1. Resonate with the reader (that’ll be you in this case)
  2. Convey messages about you, your product and services
  3. Be easy to read
  4. Not use big words or long sentences that try to impress the reader but instead leave them feeling discombobulated (see what we did there?)

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Content Writing Services for SEO

Ahh, the dark art that is SEO; the intangible necessity for every highly effective website that some within our industry love to describe with an air of mystique, making SEO sound like something only understandable and achievable by those with special powers, magic if you like.

Let us dispell that myth for you.

SEO is approached in two distinct ways:

  1. On-page (or on-site) SEO, and
  2. Off-site SEO
Content Writing Services in Essex at Mears Websites in Braintree, UK

On-page SEO, as the term suggests, optimises the content on your pages for search engines.

Off-site SEO endeavours to create and position content elsewhere on the world wide web with the aim of generating links back to your website. This method used to be the life-blood of any website but Google has since become wise to those exploiting this method and has since starting favouring websites with quality content, hence the term ‘content marketing’.

Content writing services can be worth their weight in gold – want to know what we know?

Here’s the method we use for on-page SEO – our gift to you as a thank you for visiting¬†Mears Websites:

Before we started writing the content for this page, we ‘asked’ Google which search terms people have been using related to ‘content writing’. You’re probably not surprised to learn that ‘content writing services’ was among the most used. Here are our findings:

On average over the past twelve months (at time of writing) around the world, the following search terms related to ‘content writing services’ were used:

  • Content writing (40,500 (searches per month – on average))
  • Content writing services (3,600)
  • Copywriter (135,000)
  • Website content writer (3,600)
  • Web content writer (1,900)
  • Article writing (33,100)
  • Website content writing services (590)
  • SEO content writing (2,400)
Content Writing Services in Essex at Mears Websites in Braintree

So, armed with the above information we decided to optimise this page for content writing services (which is why it’s been mentioned regularly…but not too often).

Perhaps you’re wondering why, when there are significantly more searches for copywriter and content writing, did we decide to specifically target content writing services?

Our reasoning:

  • There are currently¬†37,200,000 results in Google for ‘copywriter’. This is too competitive for our liking.
  • Content writing is most likely a search term used by people researching how to write content (if that is you, we genuinely hope you find this helpful)
  • By optimising for (also known as targeting) content writing services we have got content writing covered
  • Content writing services is accurate for our objective which is to provide content writing services

And that dear reader is the process we use for on-page SEO.

And how did we ask Google?

Google provides an advertising platform called Google Ads, within which there is a tool called Keyword Planner. You can use this tool, just as we do, to find the words (search terms) people have been using.

All you do is let Google know the words you think people might be using to find you, your products or services and Google will tell you if people are using your suggested words, and provide you with other related search terms.

Content Writing Services from Mears Websites in Braintree, Essex UK

You can too!

All you need to do is set up a Google Adwords account and you will have access to this powerful tool.

Setting up a Google Ads account is free, but the process will require you to create an Ad Campaign and provide Google with your payment details. You can then pause the Ad Campaign you’ve created to avoid incurring a cost.

We also offer a Google Ads Setup and Management service.

In conclusion

Online, content is king in today’s competitive world. Whether you choose to write your own content or whether you decide to use a¬†content writing service such as ours, ensure that your content is beautifully written, optimised and most of all, of benefit to your readers.

We hope this helps you.

If you would feel that our content writing service can be of benefit to you, we’d be very happy to hear from you.

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