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“The growth of my company has a lot to do with Mears Websites and I will never forget that. To this date, people still comment on how good my website is. This company is so professional in what it does and how it deals with people.”

Shah | June 2018

“Great service from Mears Websites. Always there to answer any questions that I had. The platform enabled me to customise the front end of the website to a tee. Fast, thorough and trustworthy.”

Amy | June 2018

“My website is exactly the way I wanted it! It features an Instagram feed that automatically updates and the photos I provided have been laid out to make a lovely gallery. It’s great that I can make updates and changes to my website as and when I want to, I can even add new pages, so the website can grow as my business does. Great website and excellent service – highly recommended!”

Jessica | April 2018

“I can highly recommend Mears Websites: my website quickly achieved a 1st page position with Google and ever since I’ve received great enquiries. Just checked and I’m number 3 on Google for the service I provide (Weber Carb Reconditioning). An honest, reliable, helpful company.”

Paul | September 2017

“I’m happy to recommend Mears Websites. Fantastic reliable and very professional. My Online presence has grown leading to more Enquiries. All round fantastic service. Thank you, Mears Websites.”

Ryan | 2015

These websites are built on the same platform you can have for your website:

Usain Bolt




John Grisham




Kylie Minogue


Marks & Spencer






Sylvester Stallone






The Rolling Stones


Jennifer Lopez


Danielle Steel




Your Website?


As much as we’d love to have worked with the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Kylie Minogue, please don’t think we are claiming to have built the above websites – they are simply great examples of websites built using the same platform you can have to build your website.

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Want to build your own website?


There are a few things we recommend you understand before you create your website…

OK, to start…

Register your domain (e.g. yourdomain.co.uk or yourdomain.com etc.) YOURSELF!

It’s easy to do and we recommend this to all clients. This will help ensure that it’s without doubt YOURS.

We can guide you if you would like help registering your domain.

But wait…do you know about ‘Keywords’?

You’ll want your website to be found in Google – Google will only understand what your site is about by the ‘keywords’ you use.

The first thing Google will ‘see’ on your website, is your domain…

You should try and have your keywords in your domain i.e. a website for a shoe shop in London would ideally have londonshoeshop.co.uk as their domain.

How else should you use keywords?

When you know the keywords you want your website to be found for, you’ll need to incorporate them throughout your website…this is what’s known as ‘On-Page SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation).

So how do you build your own website?

You’ll need three things:

Website hosting

An easy-to-use ‘platform’ with which you create your web pages, and

A theme/design.

This is where we come in – we can provide you with the same unlimited website hosting (through which you can set up your email addresses as well), website platform and theme that we provide to our clients.

Be Cautious of the free offers…

You’ll have no doubt see offers of ‘Free’ websites. If this is your preference we encourage you to carefully explore the details of the offer; the last thing you want is to spend weeks (or months?) building your own website, only to then find you need to start paying if you want to go further and have fewer restrictions.

Do your own, careful research before making a decision about where to build your own website.

We recommend you start by going to trustpilot.com and reading the reviews others have left about the other providers you may be considering.

We would love to help you

If you would like to chat with us about how to build your own website, you are welcome to either:

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The sooner you start to build your own website, the sooner Google can store it in its database (known as ‘indexing’)

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