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The Key Largo Shutters Website | Created by Mears Websites in Braintree Essex in the UK | Web Designers | Web Builders | Website Company

These are the services we are best known for:

New WordPress Websites

We’d love to build you a brand new website as it means you’ll have every aspect correctly taken care of, right from the start.

You can then manage and update your website, or we can cost-effectively do it for you.

Wordpress Management

WordPress websites and plugins require regular, essential updates to ensure website security. This an aspect that some clients prefer to have us look after.

We can take care of the sometimes scary, WordPress techie stuff.

Digital and Online Marketing

Effective digital marketing is as important as a professional website.

It requires carefully considered strategies, planning, knowledge and technical ability; We can provide you with all of the above.

E-Commerce Websites

Having an online shop is exciting; one client described waiting for his first order as “feeling like an expectant Father”.

Ironically, it was his 18 years old Daughter we trained to capably maintain their
e-commerce website.

Thank you very much for all the work you did making my smart, clean and fresh website. This was done with ease, even when I asked you to request images from my supplier, you dealt with their Director in an extremely professional way. My website looks a million dollars but was a fraction of that! Always easy to get hold of and always available which was great for me.

James Wood

Managing Director, JW Electrics (Essex) Limited

Recent Website Build and Web Design Projects:

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Jageto Embroidery | E-Commerce WordPress Website | Photography
Jageto Embroidery
E-Commerce WordPress Website
Wordpress Hosting | Photography
CL Classics | Concrete 5 Website Created by Mears Websites in Braintree Essex in the UK
CL Classics
Concrete 5 Website | Website Management
Concrete 5 Hosting | Photography
Key Largo Shutters | WordPress Website | WordPress Hosting
Key Largo Shutters
Managed WordPress Website | Hosting
Email Marketing | Social Media Marketing
Multitetech Site Services | WordPress Website Created by Mears Websites in Braintree Essex in the UK | Custom WordPress Theme | Managed WordPress Website | Photography
Multitech Site Services
Wordpress Website | Custom Theme
Wordpress Management | Digital Marketing
The Tablespoon Restaurant | WordPress Website | WordPress Hosting
The Tablespoon Restaurant
Wordpress Website
Bishop's Stortford Amateur Boxing Club | WordPress Website Created by Mears Websites in Braintree Essex in the UK | WordPresss Management | Photography
Bishop’s Stortford Boxing Club
Wordpress Website | WordPress Management
Hosting | Photography | Videography
Driving Connections | WordPress Website | Membership Website | WordPress Hosting
Driving Connections
Wordpress Website
Membership Website | Hosting
Yelo Taxi | Concrete 5 Website Created by Mears Websites in Braintree Essex in the UK | Concrete 5 Hosting | Website Management
Yelo Taxi
Concrete 5 Website | Hosting
Website Management | Digital Marketing

To compliment our main services we also offer:

You will need hosting for your WordPress website, which we can look after for you. When you choose Mears Websites for your hosting, your WordPress website will automatically have a dougle login to help with your website security. You will also have access to a Control panel from within which you can backup your website files and database as well create and manage your email addresses.

We like to make things as easy as possible for you, so rather than offer various WordPress hosting packages with different prices and features, we simply offer Unlimited Hosting for £5 per month. Plus, we’ll install WordPress and setup the Database for you at no extra cost.

Contact us about WordPress Hosting

If you have chosen an alternative hosting provider, but are struggling to install WordPress under your domain we can help you.

That said, the majority of hosting providers offer technical support and should be able to help you as part of your hosting package.

If you choose Mears Websites to look after your WordPress hosting, we’ll install WordPress and setup the database for you for free.

If you’re having difficulties installing WordPress, or would like more information about our WordPress hosting you’re very welcome to contact us

If you are building your own WordPress website but having difficulties installing your WordPress theme we will be happy to help you (irrespective of whether you have chosen Mears Websites for your WordPress hosting or an alternative hosting provider).

Some WordPress themes have example content available which you may want installed as a starting point for your own website.

If you would like help with your WordPress theme installation we’d be happy to hear from you.

Contact Mears Websites

The power of WordPress comes from the huge amount of Plugins that are available. However, sometimes Plugin installation can be confusing; if you are concerned about installing your WordPress plugins we can help you.

Start by contacting us, telling us your website address and the plugins you would like installed and we’ll get right back to you!

The success of a website relies on the incorporation of keywords within your content. However, there is no advantage incorporating keywords that nobody is searching for – this is where we can help you.

We can find out which keywords and keyphrases people are and have been using in Google that are related to your products and services. We will then provide you with a report and recommendations for keywords to target thay could then attract organic traffic to your website.

Contact us to find out more

If you have an existing website, but would prefer to have a Mears Website instead, we can transfer your existing content for you.

We will evaluate your existing website and give you our recommendations first; sometimes a new website may not be in your or your business’ best interests.

The first step is for your to contact us, telling us with your existing website address and contact details.

Our Story

Director David Mears has been designing and building successful websites since 2005. Having seen WordPress evolve since then, and watching it become the most popular Content Management System in the World, a decision was taken to specialise and provide business owners and individuals with highly effective, great looking WordPress websites that they are in complete control of.

  • Out of 1 Billion Websites, WordPress Powers… 25%
  • Number of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs built on WordPress 48%
  • Mobile Friendliness of Mears Websites 100%
  • Search Engine Friendliness of Mears Websites 100%